How To Buy Domain-Apply 5 Things Before Buy Any Domain

How To Buy Domain-Apply 5 Things Before Buy Any Domain


This is the most important thing when a blogger wants to start blogging. Beginners did not know that which type of domain is good for his blogging. Before buying any domain name you should know about these 5 things.They can help you for choosing a right domain name for your blogging .

How To Buy Domain 

How To Buy Domain
How To Buy Domain

Domain Buying Process is easy. Visit any domain provider site like godaddy,bigrock,blue host and chose your domain name. and pay for it.

Unique Domain –

Before buying any domain you should know that dont buy any domain name which is similar to other popular sites. Like and you want to buy this is a wrong way to buy any domain. New blogger thinks that if they buy domain name which is similar to other top website and this domain name gives us a good result so now your thinking is wrong. Website only give good results when you work hard on it and write original content on it and good work on SEO. so never buy similar domain names.

Country Type-

Every blogger wants to .com domain for his website or blog. Because .com is a world wide domain name.Here we suggest which domain name is best for you. If you want to drive world wide traffic to your blog or site then .com is best option and if you want to drive only on your country traffic then you should buy .com if .com is not available then you try your country domain like .in,.uk,.us etc.

.in .us and other country domains helps you to drive a specific country traffic to your blog.

Easy to Type & Remember

You should buy only simple and easy domain which is your visitors easily memories it. For Exp- it is easy to type and remember for any visitor. you should buy these type domains. and never buy types domain because users dont like these types domain because they not easy to type or memories.

Keep Your Domain Name Short

Short domain is very success full because they easy to type and memories and improve searches very fast. if your domain name is long like 20+ characters then you don’t have to buy it. We suggest you that only maximum 10-12 characters domain names. if your domain name is only 4-8 character then its good.

 Without Hyphens or Numbers

Your Domain only with alphabetic and never use hyphens and numbers in a domain. If you have a good domain with hyphens and you want to buy it then you should buy it. because hyphens did not play any role in searches its only for visitors memories. For Exp. visitors easily type and memories it. if this domain is then visitors not trying to type this domain directly in to browser. and same reason for with Numbers .


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