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Did you know the news that Google has shut down their widely popular Google Keyword Planner for public use. Now if you want to use Google Keywords data you have to sign up for a Google Adwords account. Nobody know why Google take this decision, some are more obvious than others.

Now you need to know about some other free keywords tools to replace Google Keywords Tools. These tools will surely help you to find the valuable keywords for your website content. You can also check the keywords monthly searches and competition of keywords with the help of these Keyword Tools.

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So check out these 10 free keywords tools which provide you right keywords of your choice.

1.SEMRush Free Keyword tool :

SEMRush is a good keyword tool to check valuable keywords. With the help of this you can select good keywords for your website article. It is great for competitive research as well as individual’s keywords.

2.WordPot Free keyword tool :

WordPot is an interesting keyword tool for users. This tool provide only daily search volume. So it is very useful when correlating the metrics.

3.Bing Webmaster Toolbox:

Bing Keyword Tool is another good keyword tools option for you. It provide enough result that you need to write your article. Bing is collect their own data search keyword, which mean you get those keywords which

4.Ubersugget Free keyword tool:

Ubersuggest has very favorable keyword tool. Because it not provide only keyword, but also just to learn more about a topic. You can use Ubersuggest to find lot of keywords which can help you to raise your rank on Google.

5.MajesticSEO Free keyword tool:

Majestic SEO is one of the great tool for SEO keywords. On Majestic SEO you can find also the competition of the keywords with monthly searches.

6.Keyword Discovery Free keyword tool:

Keyword Discovery is one of the cool keyword tool for users. It provides a large and easy to read data.

7.Word Tracker Free keyword tool:

Word Tracker is a commercial tool which provide a free keywords. Here you need to sign up for searching the keywords.

8.Ninja Search Combination keyword Tool:

Ninja Search Combination Tool is also a great tool for search the Keywords. With the help of this tool you can develop a huge list of different search queries. Its query linked to Google query.

9.SEO Book Keyword Tools:

This is quite and easy to use keyword tool. This tool is designed by Aaron Wall.

10.KGen Free keyword tool:

KGen is one of the best and unique keyword tool after Google Keyword Planner. Thi free keyword tool provide you the targeting keyword. By using this you can also improve your Google ranking with in short period of time.

So these are the top 10 free keyword tool to replace Google keyword tool. Hope you will enjoy this article. Give your suggestion in to comment box. Happy Searching.

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